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    Please bear with me as im trying to figure out some changes for the site so at this very moment, I have a "General" Idea of what it is that I will change but being that ive also spoke with some of my partner sites on this, ill have to wait for their input. Im sorry guys. But I love you guys, no homo and i want nothing but the best smile Theres no expected date that these changes will be made, but there w ... Read more »
    Category: Site News & Updates | Views: 1816 | Added by: :x-:Torture:-x: | Date: 2011-06-13 | Comments (0)

    I Appologize for any inconvience that you may have or may be experiencing with download links, as i am looking for a host that WONT delete the files ive uploaded withing 30 days. I appologize again.


    Views: 1192 | Added by: :x-:Torture:-x: | Date: 2011-03-29 | Comments (0)